Lermontovskaya library, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

December 7 2020 - February 1, 2021


On December 7, at 18.00, welcome to the opening of the exhibition "Nadya" and artist-talk by the artist Alisa Volkova, who has already exhibited with in our place with the project "PUNK-ARCHAIC", addressed to the deep experience of human beings. The exhibition, which will take place from Monday, will feature portraits of homeless people, painted in different years, during the work of Alice as a volunteer photographer in a charitable organization. Every single portrait is a story of a person forced to be on the street, in need of help and support. Some of paintings are accompanied by stories told by the homeless themselves about themselves.

As Alisa says, “often we pass by such people. But this does not mean that they don't exist, I want to talk about this in my painting.

They exist and deserve attention. We called the exhibition "Nadia". According to the portrait of a young woman - one of the few in which there is a real name. “Nadia is a real person with her own values ​​and difficulties, I know her too little, but I managed to capture her image as it was when we met during my volunteer work.”