Stories about them

Hirvitalo, Hirvikatu 10, Tampere, Finland

June 15 - July 15, 2019


Since childhood, I realized that interaction with the world was most comfortable for me through creativity, all the events taking place in the world, or with me, or directly around me, it is more interesting and easier for me to perceive portraying, creating, something on the subject. it is not a departure from reality; rather, an active part in reality is the creation of new material objects — painting and graphics, the transformation of already existing objects into new ones — installation and ready-made.


The creative process haunts me everywhere. But most of the time I work in my workshop, based on materials previously captured or found in the process of browsing the Internet, I am often inspired by some seemingly insignificant images from everyday reality that suddenly caught me. But I know that if an event or thing served as a trigger for the creative process, it means that behind this symbol-phenomenon there are many new and valuable meanings for me.

The process of working on this exhibition dedicated to the phenomenon of homelessness was long and consisted of several parts.


First of all, this is volunteer work in the Orthodox Foundation as a photographer. I photographed the homeless for the foundation site and filmed reports that they were being fed and set up a heating point on the bus during the cold season.

Based on these photos, I wrote pictorial portraits of the homeless, already in my studio.

Secondly, I talked to the homeless, because they are also interested to talk, especially to tell about themselves. Therefore, each portrait is a separate story, and each homeless person depicted is not only a fixation of appearance, but also more details of the story — my personal impression of communicating with him.


As for the installations, I would like to draw the viewer's attention to what he feels when he sees sleeping in the gallery space. Besides working on the creation of these lying figures, I thought a lot about acting by the Stanislavsky method: how each person belongs to the other, how they relate to the surrounding visitors. Why they are so dressed, what things they have in their bags, what thoughts about life in general.