Alisa Volkova. Contemporary artist, painter. Intls, objects, performer.

Born in 1984 in Siberia, in the Novosibirsk.

In 2013, I graduated from the Academy of Stiglitz in St. Petersburg. Department of glass.
In the same year, the first personal exhibition “Women, fire and other dangerous things” took place.

In 2016 I joined the Union of Artists of Russia.
The main direction of creativity is expressive-analytical painting and installations, as well as objects, graphics, and performance. Participant of more than twenty collective exhibitions and  17 personal exhibitions

In 2019 the exhibition "Stories about them" was exhibited in the Hirvitalo, Tampere

Also in 2019, I started conduct a glass course in Hirvitalo, which continues to this day.

In March 2022 I came to Hirvitalo with the exhibition "Body map", graphics on maps about phisicality and living and healing throw drawing.

As part of this project, I started "Evening sketchclub", wich now also take place

in Hirvitalo. My "Evening Sketch club" become quite popular and Pispala artists visit it regularly to practice their sketching skills.

At the same time, in March my exhibition was held in the "Bloom Tampere" on the Kehrasaari, Tampere

Now there is an exhibition with mine artworks in Maitojuna Gallery in Orivesi, Pirkanmma

In 2022 I started working with cinema and theater as the main artist in projects.

In 2023, the short film "Ram" was released by production designers Alisa Volkova. This film received two Palm Branches at the Heart of Europe International Season Film Festival (HEI) 2023 in Kaszice, Slovenia.

And chief artist director of the interactive media performance labyrinth "Robin/Zon" TBD theatr

In September 2022 I was participated in Maalmitango festival

with the exhibition "Body map" and sketch workshop.

I participate in festival with my project as part of

the reconstruction of art and culture after corona.

Member of the Hirvitalo collective.

Member of Glass artists assosiation of Finland.

My main medias are painting and glass.

In my projects, I am engaged in the study of deep feelings from

nature and humanistic manifestations in people, creativity affects

environmental and social issues.

At the moment, I'm working on an upcoming project that includes fusing stained glasses, video installations and paintings, the theme of which covers both the landscape beauty of the Ladoga shores and the dramatic component of the emotions of people leaving their native places.


Photo by Anastasia Zolotareva