Looking at a picture, we always find ourselves in a some kind of state. Mood. Watching colors and lines, we begin to want something, to think about something, to remember something. A picture is a trigger, a picture is a key, a picture is a door to another space-time. I decided to approach this process more consciously. I tried to give each picture the ability to trigger a certain state. Analyzing colors and images. I can say that these are rather the edges of calmness and observation, curiosity. I did not dare to use in my works the triggering of emotions of anger, fear and excessive passion. Rather, it is a quiet life, small events, small observations, humble existences and images generated by reading books. I hope you will have time to stay longer near each or at least a couple of works and observe what is happening to you at this moment. What do you feel when you look at it, what do you think about, and what movements of the soul does it give rise to.