The title "Vepsalainen" is chosen because the project is rooted in and inspired by Vepsian embroideries. "Drive" is because to experience the drive and energy uplift, one needs to gather and charge it. This project is about connection – connection with roots, oneself, and the umbilical connection. It explores profound existential patterns and the infusion of energy through them. In our time, when it is difficult to pause and look at the world with a fresh perspective, Alisa Volkova found a way to interpret images in material and touch upon the understanding of the forces of nature as they appear to indigenous cultures. This project draws on traditional decorative art and symbols of Vepsian traditional embroidery to engage with the subtle perceptions of people who used everyday items adorned with such embroidery. Now in the form of contemporary art. There are round paintings inspired by traditional Vepsian ornaments, vibrant and celebrating the joy of life. They are done in oil on canvas using a mixed technique, and the frames are made in the Tiffany stained glass technique. She transforms the experiences of the past into new forms, rooted in folk art and embroidery. It's a unique feminine practice – embroidering, navigating between the front and back sides, creating new structures with different rules than the surrounding space. "As I worked on these paintings, I felt like I was drawing a structure reflecting the universe and its interconnected parts. I propose contemplating what truly happens around you, slowing down, and feeling this space, now." Alisa Volkova